Vitreo Retina

Retina is the neuro sensory layer of your eye where light falls and the image is perceived by your brain. A lot of conditions can affect your retina. They could be congenital, iatrogenic, idiopathic or sporadic. Our retina specialists offer both medical and surgical treatments for all retina related problems. A number of systemic conditions like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, hyperlipidosis, systemic infections can lead to retinal diseases. A lot of conditions if diagnosed timely can be managed medically with the use of intra ocular injections or with laser. Advanced cases will need surgery to restore normal intra ocular anatomy. If you experience symptoms like seeing black spots (floaters), flashers of light or a reduced vision, you need to consult immediately. These are the signs of a retinal problem. Age can lead to a condition called Age related Macular Degeneration, which if managed timely can lead to a good visual outcome. The earlier the retinal problems are managed, the better is your visison and the better is the quality of your life.

Effects of Diabetes


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