A rise in the intra ocular pressure alongwith optic disc changes and visual fields defects is called Glaucoma. The rise in intra ocular pressure can be multifactorial, it could be hereditary, due to anatomical malformations, use of certain medications, with age etc. You will experience pain only in a certain type of glaucoma otherwise, you remain asymptomatic. The only way you come to know of your condition is if you get yourself screened. So, anyone above the age of 40, with myopia, with a positive family history, with diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, on certain medications should get themselves screened timely. Otherwise, you will only come to know of your condition, when your visual field has been reduced substantially. An untreated Glaucoma, will result in a gradual, irreversible loss of vision and eventually blindness. It is managed medically initially, the medications either reduce the production of intra ocular fluid or increase the drainage of the fluid. Most of the times, it can be successfully managed medically. If, it is not successful then some lasers can be tried. If no option has worked then a surgery is done to aid in the drainage of normal intra ocular fluid.

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